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Much the same as the blades available from LMI or StewMac, this one was ground from an ordinary 6-inch plywood cutting circular saw blade. It cuts a 0.022" kerf. We have some other blades, including one specifically ground for cutting bar fret slots of about .050." Constructing the Georgia Luthier Supply Fret Slotting System ... Cutting Fret Slots With The Georgia Luther Supply Fret Slotting System: The first step in this process is the installation of the proper sawblade in your table saw. I prefer to use a 6” diameter x 110 tooth circular saw blade with a kerf of 023 inches. Fretting saw for cutting fret slots - Touchstone Tonewoods Details. For cutting fret slots in a guitar/ instrument fingerboard (0.6mm cut)

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I'm in the process to start my first neck build and been thinking about my options for cutting fret slots. I don't have a fret hand saw like many here ... The Guitar Maker's Backsaw for Cutting Fret Slots Aug 20, 2017 ... I used it to cut fret slots in dulcimer and classical guitar fret boards. The saw served me well for several years until I made the mistake of cutting ... 150mm Table Saw Blade For 0,6mm Fret Slots - Rall Guitars & Tools

Hi Haiim, yah, the stewmac saw. Most of the systems I have come up with are a bit different. They all work well but the fret slot cutting technique works best.

Cutting Fret Slots Table Saw. cutting fret slots table saw Shop table saws in the saws section of Find quality table saws online or ...May 01, 2009 Im sure Scatter Lee in his Scattesquire thread showed some alternative method. Guitar Fret Slot Cleaning Saw | GMC Luthier Tools The saw has 0.023" kerf width (0.6mm) and a maximum depth of 2.5mm. Please note that the saw is not designed for cutting fret slots from scratch but is great little tool for cleaning out slots when re-fretting and also for deepening slots after the board radius has been sanded as per the above photos. Japanese Fret Slot Saw - Japanese Fret Slot Saw; Datum Fret Slot Locator. .023" Kerf (0.6mm) Low Profile Fretboard Slotting Saw with 5x 32TPI Blades. . JIG CONSTRUCTION. The jig base is made from .. JIG CONSTRUCTION. The jig base is made from ..

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Unique saws clean or deepen old fret slots for better fret seating. They work on bound fingerboards too! Mini Table Saw Conversion for CBG Fret Slotting or Crafts: 6 Mini Table Saw Conversion for CBG Fret Slotting or Crafts: For my pursuit of making things easier and faster for working on Cigar Box Guitars or small crafts. I am limitedto what my shop electricity can handle. Saw for cutting fret slots / Sault sainte marie ontario casino I made two saw guides out of 1/2" aluminum angle stock. Expansion slots reduce noise and heat buildup for smooth. loc_, sid_202021701. 7 in. x 128-Teeth Ferrous Metal Cutting Saw Blade is rated 3.6 out of 5.In person, you have to look …

I've always cut my fret slots with a cheapo coping saw (and dressed the frets with a triangular file I found in the street), and I'll be dead in my cold cold grave before I shell out $60 for a endpin hole reamer, but $20 for the perfect tool for anything wouldn't ruffle my feathers.

This is a high-quality dovetail-style saw, perfect for cutting fret slots for standard fret wires that fit in a .023" slot. The blade has a .020" kerf and is 8" long with a steel reinforced ridge along the top - much like the more expensive fretting saws sold elsewhere. Fret Slotting Table Saw Blade | Now you can cut fret slots on your table saw or radial arm saw. Labor saver! Slot fingerboards quickly, cleanly and precisely, for any scale length, right on your own table saw. Ideal for production work, this is the same model 100-tooth high-topped steel blade we use here at our factory. i HATE sawing fret slots. | Telecaster Guitar Forum